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How to Download Whatsapp on Android?

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger where people sends and receive free text messages. Now the messenger is owned by the mark zuckerberg, owner of the Facebook. He introduced new feature of voice calling and sms calling. This is the best way to have voice chat with each other using the perfect moments. Whatsapp have the several upcoming options which you can also use to grab the users at one platform. Many people want to spend time together and work on whatsapp. You can download whatsapp from many sources on mobile phones, laptops etc. You have another option for chatting and this chatroom is better than whatsapp group chat.

How to download

Make sure you are using the new version of the mobile or laptops operating system
If you are using the iOS platform then move to iTunes and search for whatsapp and you will find it
If you are using the android based systems then you have to move to play store and look for whatsapp there
Now if you are familiar with all the above platforms, you can also download whatsapp on your windows and on bluestack
This is the best way to download and install the whatsapp on your system without any mobile devices
You can easily get into touch with so many people and behaves like a good chatters
You can also see the whatsapp software and click on download button
When the download completes the app will be automatically installed into your device online
Many people will love to stay into touch with you

What are status Messages?

Status notes are the messages that we put into the status of the messenger.Status notes are the messages which you can download or copy paste from the online websites. You can also make your own status notes for free. You can tell people for example you want coffee, put the status that you are very keen to have the coffee instantly at the 3 a.m. night time. This will be liked by many peoples and they will reply you. Status Notes for Whatsapp Messenger are available on this website. You can copy it and use on as many WhatsApp IDs as you want. I would like to tell you that you can easily have status notes from any online platform for free. These notes are readily available and anyone can have the status of the chosen category.